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Sedation Dentistry Near You

Do you experience fear and anxiety when thinking about going to the dentist? Dental anxiety is 100% normal and common amongst Canadian’s. Many patients avoid going to the dentist due to this fear, which results in poor oral health and more extensive procedures in the future. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry near you! Our number one priority is to ensure our patients are comfortable in our dental clinic. Contact us today to find out if sedation dentistry is right for you!

Who Can Receive Sedation?

The following are issues that can be resolved by a sedation dentist in North London:

  • Difficulty staying numb after an anesthetic is administered
  • Dental anxiety and fear 
  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Low pain tolerance 
  • Require extensive dental work 

Your dentist may use sedation methods for numerous procedures to ensure you have a positive experience at our dental clinic. Sedation dentistry is useful for all treatments ranging from teeth cleaning to invasive procedures. Making sure our patients achieve optimum oral health is one of our biggest goals! Contact our dental clinic today to learn more about sedation dentistry near you. 

sedation dentistry in north london
sedation dentistry near you

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is used in sedation dentistry. This type of sedation can be administered orally or through an IV. If you experience moderate dental anxiety, nitrous oxide may be right for you. Nitrous oxide is also known as “laughing gas” and causes you to feel light-headed, experience sudden emotions, and sometimes even uncontrollable giggling. If you are interested in learning more about nitrous oxide, contact our dental clinic today!

Oral Sedation

At Wharncliffe Family Dental, we offer oral sedation near you! Oral sedation does not make you unconscious as an anesthetic would; however, it is a great way to ease your nerves. This method of sedation is administered orally by taking a pill. Oral sedation is classified under the “minimal sedation” category since you are fully awake. When you choose oral sedation in North London, you will notice you start to feel more relaxed and far less anxious during your dental procedures.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in North London

Sedation dentistry is used to help you feel relaxed during dental treatments. If you are someone who prefers to have a treatment done throughout a couple of appointments, sedation dentistry can allow you to complete the procedure in a single appointment. If you are under sedation, your dental treatments can feel like they were completed in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. Visiting a sedation dentist near you allows you to feel no pain or anxiety during your treatment so that you can walk out with a healthier smile!

What to Expect

When you receive a type of sedation dentistry, you will still be fully awake and aware of what is going on around you. Our dental team will monitor you closely during your treatment to ensure the sedation is working. Patients typically forget what happened during the procedure and also experience drowsiness while the sedation is wearing off. We advise you to be monitored by a family member while recovering from your procedure and sedation.

Are you looking for sedation dentistry in North London? Contact our dental clinic today to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you.