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Clear Aligner Therapy Near You

In the modern age, straightening the teeth can be achieved in many ways. One of the options our dental team at Wharnecliffeoffers to patients who are candidates is clear aligner therapy. Unlike fixed metal braces, which are traditionally used to straighten the teeth, clear aligner therapy allows us to make small changes to the teeth using a series of clear plastic trays.

What is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Many patients are interested in clear aligner therapy as an orthodontic treatment option due to the mostly unnoticeable aligner devices. Although devices are worn around the clock to ensure that movements can be achieved, they are thin, clear, and perfectly fitted to the teeth, allowing patients to feel less self-conscious when they speak and smile. Since the aligners can be removed to eat (or for activities such as playing musical instruments), they are less restrictive and allow virtually anyone to maintain their normal routines and activities.

If you would like to learn more about clear aligner therapy for you or your child or teen, reach out to our experienced dentists today. We can provide you with a complete overview of what to expect and examine your mouth to see if this option is a good fit.

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