Your dentist in North London would explain that a crown, sometimes referred to as a dental cap, is a kind of restoration that encircles the dental implant or caps it. When you are faced with a fairly large cavity, crowns are needed when you are dealing with a fairly large cavity that may jeopardize the health of your tooth. They are cemented to the tooth that got treated using dental cement.

Dental crowns near you cap your teeth and restore your tooth’s size, shape, and strength, thereby improving your overall appearance. Ceramic crowns are among the most popular dental crowns to boost your dental health. They are used to:

● Protect weaker teeth from breaking or holding together the parts of a cracked tooth
● Restore a worn out or broken tooth
● To support a tooth or cover a large filling
● Hold a dental bridge
● Covering a stained or misshapen tooth
● Cover over a dental implant
● Enhance the look of stained teeth

Ceramic crowns are made from ceramic only, and no other material is used. However, there are different cosmetic crowns, such as gold crowns and porcelain. These are made out of translucent material to give one an appealing yet attractive appearance. A dentist near you will favor it as a top-quality crown that would last for a long time.

Having said that, metal crowns are considered to be long-lasting as they rarely break or chip and result in minimum wear to neighboring teeth. Due to their distinctive features, they are the perfect fit for molars.

A more popular choice with regards to making your smile look great would be porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns due to its color matching features. On the odd occasion, the porcelain might break or chip and result in more wear to the opposing teeth than all-metal crowns would.
Resin crowns are not as expensive as opposed to other dental crowns. Sadly, they tend to fracture a lot quicker than dental crowns made from a host of different materials.

Porcelain or the ceramic version is not as strong as metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. However, they provide the best natural color match. This makes them the ideal choice for front teeth.

Most of the ceramic crowns are made out from CAD or CAM technology, and there are two types:
• Zirconia
• E-Max

There are multiple advantages of ceramic crowns. They are suited for those people who have minimum space in their mouth for a dental crown. It is also preferred by those who like to have a natural appearance for their teeth.

The other advantage of ceramic crowns is that they are made from thinner materials than other dental crowns. This leads to a lightweight crown. Apart from that, the material is also bio-compatible, which is very gentle to the gums.

Patients have never complained about any sort of allergic reactions. Moreover, there hasn’t been any case of sensitivity as well.

Well, what’s an advantage without disadvantages? A ceramic crown is beautiful to look at and gives a natural look to your teeth when fitted. They are also lifelong; however, their durability has always been questioned as they are prone to crack or even break. The way they are refined to give that smooth and teeth-like appearance makes it difficult to fit the teeth. Apart from all that, these ceramic crowns are costly as well. However, the results you achieve by sporting the perfect smile makeover are well worth it.

The procedure to fit a ceramic crown is similar to fitting any other dental crowns in North London. Dentists will clean and then reshape the tooth so that it can be prepared for treatment. Experts at Wharncliffe Family Dental will taper the teeth to make sure the crown fits.